Yoga Classes

Photo by alijava

Photo by alijava

Gloria teaches Tranformational Hatha Yoga. This powerful system of yoga detoxifies, stretches, and strengthens the body while at the same time bringing greater calm and focus to the mind. Gloria uses key yogic postures (asanas) as well as breathing techniques, guided relaxations, and meditation.  

Yoga with Gloria is done with laughter and compassion, releasing tension and stress, and building a more loving relationship with our bodies.

When you learn to let go of all the tension you don’t even realize you are holding in your muscles, you will be amazed at how flexible you can become! Gloria came to yoga years ago looking for stress relief, but to her surprise practicing yoga led to a complete personal transformation. Flexibility she never believed she was capable of, and a feeling of contentment and peace she never knew existed came to her.  Now, she guides her students as they transform through yoga. Her students have made incredible progress not only with flexibility but also with anxiety disorders, ADD, depression, and eating disorders. When you quiet your mind, you will discover yourself in a new way and the lessons you learn will carry over into all aspects of your life.  Come practice yoga with Gloria, and discover where your own journey of personal transformation will lead you! For more information contact Gloria.

€10 / class
€45 / 5 classes
€85 / 10 classes

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