And in Time They’ll Go

May 12, 2013 0 Comments
Owen and Mommy in Sulmona, Italy

Owen and Mommy in Sulmona, Italy

I adore people who don’t care what others think of them (like my husband) but I am not yet one of them. In my world outside of my home and family I need everyone to like me, and when they don’t I can get a bit wrapped up in it. I have started to ask myself more often, why do I give others the power to influence my opinion of myself?


There are a lot of answers to that question, but they don’t matter. Little by little, I am working on  taking that power back. And I am opening my heart to let in the love around me. These two blue-eyed men in my life, my husband and my son,  are the coolest people I have ever met. Between the three of us there is enough love for the whole world. Truly, nothing else matters. People will come in and out of my life. All with lessons for me. But I already know the greatest lesson of my life is to let go of the rest of the world and live in the bliss that is true love. You cannot be blessed if you are not grateful for your blessings, every single day.


My grandfather used to sing “Our Love is Here to Stay” to me. When Owen was born I started singing it to him. I always loved that song, but I never understood it until I was a mom. Now every time I sing this part to Owen, I laugh inside at just how true it is;


“The radios, and the telephones, and the movies that we know, they’re only passing fancies, and in time they’ll go. But oh my dear, our love is here to stay.”-George Gershwin

Happy Mother’s Day.


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