Yoga Makes Me Feel Sexy

December 30, 2012 0 Comments

We all have a mental collection of criticisms and compliments about our body. We save them all, remembering things people said to us years ago. How many of us have been told over and over again by our friends, our family, our partners, that we are beautiful, yet we still don’t feel beautiful?

Personally, this collection of memories gives me nothing but mixed messages. Sifting through it, I find myself longing for some kind of approval that will be meaningful to me–until I get on the mat. Then it’s just me, my body, and my spirit. The rest of the world, with all of its different opinions of me, fades into silence. I am alone with myself. I feel my body moving and stretching, my breath coming in and out. With every pose I sink deeper into my body, until my body and I are truly connected. It’s no longer something I carry around, constantly demanding to perform or change. My body is no longer an “it”, my body is me. Not all of me of course, but me. I feel my spirit, my higher self, alive in every cell from my head to my toes. And as my spirit is beautiful and loving, so is my body.

Yet I am also earthly, and as I move through my practice I feel that too. I feel the strength and the softness, I feel my sensuality. I feel sexy. Yoga makes me feel more sexy than any lingerie, makeup, or man ever could. As women we are always beautiful and sexy, but we forget. Through yoga I remember.

I don’t care how old you are, what size you wear, or how many kids you’ve had; you can feel sexy in the skin you’re in. And you can do yoga.

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