We All Fall Down

November 12, 2012 0 Comments

We all fall down. Something or someone  triggers us to stray from our path. We forget to treat ourselves with love. And so we fall. Maybe we start emotionally eating, or maybe we starve ourselves, yet again. Maybe we work too hard, drink too much, sleep too little, or sacrifice our needs to please others.

It doesn’t matter what happened or what you think you did wrong. Get back on the mat.

I know, it’s frustrating when you come back and you are stiff and sluggish and you remember how great you USED to feel. Let those thoughts go, you will get back there sooner than you think. Simply be a witness to how you are feeling on every level in this moment. Pay attention; acknowledge it, without judgement. The important thing is that you are back. Even if you can’t bring yourself to put on your yoga clothes, or go through the Sun Salutations, that’s okay. Come as you are, bring yourself into Child’s Pose, and surrender. Let all the negative energy you’ve accumulated leave you with every exhalation.

Now get up, and come into Warrior 1, stretching your arms skyward. Feel the strength in your legs, in your core, and in your arms. Your whole body is working. Whether  it feels easy or it feels exhausting, you have the strength to do it–so tell yourself that. Today you have the strength to choose to come back. You picked yourself up and started again. That’s worth more than you think. And from here, anything can happen.

Let me know what you think!