Combining Asanas with Affirmations

October 12, 2012 0 Comments

I’ve been experimenting with using imagery and affirmations while moving through yoga poses. I created a mini sequence for when you are feeling low, to brighten your mood by bringing in positive energy and releasing negative energy. Check it out.

Start in child’s pose. Focus your mind on the present moment, just you and the mat.

Move onto your hands and knees for cat cow. Breathing in, arching your back, imagine you are breathing in pure light, even saying to yourself “I am breathing in light”.  As you round your back, exhale slowly, imagining dark smoke leaving your body in a long, steady stream. Tell yourself, ” I am breathing out darkness”.

Repeat several times, and on your last exhale, say to yourself “I am breathing out that which does not serve me”.

Move back into reclining thunderbolt, or if you cannot do this, camel. With your chest open and pushing skywards, declare, “I am open to all the love in the universe”. As you say this, feel the positive energy surrounding you enter your heart center. Repeat this to yourself as much as you like.

When you are done, come back into child’s pose, arms at your side. Surrender to what is, completely letting go of any desire to control or change your circumstances. Just surrender, even saying aloud “I surrender”.

Let me know what you think!